Monday, 6 August 2012

Well hello again :) im bacccckk.

It's been a while since my last post.  I have just gotten myself a fly in and fly out job as a healthy lifestyle coordinator.  It incorporates my love for fitness, health and my love for online shopping.... WHOOPS.  My site is about 60km outside of Tom Price which in all is about an hour and a hald flight from Perth (thank you frequent flyer points!!)
SOO.. because ive skipped a couple of months here's some of the main photos/events I have been to...

Love your feed back - please start following!! Im going to be posting some outfit posts/lookbook photos soooon!!


P.S HOW GOOD ARE THE OLYMPICS -- loving it - Mitchell Watt and Henry Frayne (WOW!) and Steve Solomon (whatarun!)

I chopped my hair offfff and got my belayage back....

Had a bit of a photo shoot....

Got tuxedo nails! :) yay.

Went to a rubix cube party...

Lovely tea party with a mouse....

Football cocktail party - Top (princess polly//skirt myers)

This is the sky i woke up to when i was at work :) HOW PRETTY!!



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  1. I love your cocktail party outfit !! :)