Monday, 3 September 2012

now stop... dinner time.

My days in Perth are coming to an end... So i decided to jam pack everyone and everything into my last week.  I decided that me and my friends hardly get a chance to hang out all together with all our work, uni and life commitments... So i decided to put on a dinner for some of my closest friends... But even then it was hard to pull together!!
It was a hat theme... and it was a three course meal.  Entree's included - chorizo, feta, spanish rice balls and empanada'.  Main was spanish chicken and chorizo with string bean salad and dessert was red velvet cake and chocolate aero bar mousse. So full by the end... but successful never the less!!

P.S -- I got my nose ring... LOVE IT!



Nifty thirfty

Op shopping - my favourite place to find a previously loved and trending piece of clothing.. I just so happened to pick up a arm full!  Sometimes Op shops are hit and miss - this time I had a big hit getting 3 new tops (which I have customised already) and two jackets, all for $20!

Here are some of my finds:

My nanna's dog Lucy.. So cute!