Thursday, 30 June 2011

GUNNA GET FREEE.. at the astor.

Wednesday Nads and I finally got to see The Vines at the Astor Theatre in Mt Lawley!!  3 years ago I got Nads and Mega The Vines tickets for their 18th... but sadly the lead singer had some mental break down.  AND then we got tickets again to see them last Wednesday... but with the ash clouds from the Chile volcano their plane was cancelled to Perth!! But it was totally worth the wait, they put on one hell of a gig!

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Broth and Love

So... i finally have internet!
And i have some photos from a silly little night me and my chums had.  Dani just moved into her new dreamboat house in Cott... its kind of like a backpackers scene BUT i love it! Its got character!
So Dani made a Thai beef broth she was taught in Rio of all places, and Hany made rice paper rolls. Delishh! This Saturday is Italiano Belissimo. Cant wait!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Denpasarrrrrrrr darlin'

A week before exams i decided that i needed a holiday from uni and life in general, so in a impulsive act i booked some flights to Bali to meet my folks who were holidaying through asia!  Coming from Perth, its set in our blood to jet to Bali yearly ...whenever there has been cheap cheap flights released at least.  I love Bali -- the culture, the people, the food, the paradiso settings to snap.
Here's some favourite snap-a-roo's!!

Pool side at Hard Rock Hotel... ah-ma-zing.
Village visit - 60 year old guy just casually climbing up a tree
Village visit - the traditional cock fighting... not for gambling but for sacrificing to the gods
Village visit - My most favourite photo of an elderly lady sitting by the corner store
My and my brosef on the Bali Hai Day Cruise
Feather fan hiding my sweatiness
Run Forrest RUN! - magic cups at Bubba Gump Shrimps. FROTH.
Boys on time out at Ocean 27 - on the cocktailsss..
Bintangs and pedicures
Jimbirian Bay - seafoodandsunsets
Hardrockhotel repping
1..2..3.. JUMP!
Lil turts'

Honeymooner's table at jimbirian bay

So many zero's!

loves the eye contact of the baby

Last day roaming the bali beach with cornetto and bintang in hand

snorkeling off the Bali hai cruise

Kuta beach

In a village in Seminyak - Bali dress, sports girl hat, bali shoe's, Seafolly Bathers

mink pink bathers, thrifted high waisted shorts & Coops.

Lovely right?


Saturday, 11 June 2011


Double post lapping up as much internet as i can!
Yesterday me and Dani had a lovely cooking day because we were traveling to Secret Harbour (close to woopwoop... 45 mins away!) to visit our best mate growing up Hannah - the hippy/surfy chic whose 2 feet smaller then me... OLP!
Dani cooked a lovely Potato and ginger asian soup for entree, Hannah and Rob prepared a lovely lamb roast, and i made a choc hazelnut mousse... which shattered on the ground because i forgot to take it off the roof... (shit.) To put it plain... it looked like someone couldnt wait to go toilet.. on the... road. AH!

Sneaky vodka jellies

Its me.. and yes my doppleganger is Vince from Might boosh

Hany bought her BF flowers.. little cutie

Till next time in... The World of Lanks

Needs to get a speedyspeedynet.ZOOOmmmmm.

Im dying without internet! I am actually internet hopping from friend to friend and family member and family member.  What is the best internet to get?

So my muso mate Dani got back from Melbourne the other day and me and my mate Kamahli picked her up and it was a lovely reunion!
we celebrated with a not to awesome breaky... please mind the burnt bits. OLP.

I didnt get a photo was what i wore that day... but im obsessed with this jacket;

MMMMM Burberry....

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

These B.R.O.K.E.N bones

So... . ... yesterday's events were quite uneventful!  Worked till 2pm, and then went on a little adventure with Nanna Reyns to the hospital to get her dreaded cast off!

...And then we were exposed to a skinny, scaly arm... um.

I also popped in for a foodie rendezvous with the best mate Nadia.  Whenever I go there it feels like home, and although we were going to go out for a quick bite to eat somewhere, Mumma Vind pleased our senses with a good old home cooked roast.  I also adore her dog, Toby.

Today i wore my most favourite cardigan my nanna made when she didn't have a casted hand, she's so clever, a sports girl scarf, thrifted denim shirt and holey old leggings.

Shout out to robertdingo who taught me how to use me camera on his Tuesday night drunken escapade, looking forward to the tutorials.. OLP!

Till next time in... The World of Lanks