Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tah's week.

It's been a while... but I'm back.
I have been flat our with work, catching up with thy lovely best friends and MAKING MY CHANNEL V PRESENTER SEARCH 2012 audition tape.  So lately I've been loitering around rebel sport... trying to make sense of what I am doing with myself at the moment -- wanting to pursue a career with my photography.. looking into courses so I can learn more... to pursue my photography!!  SO.. i saw the ad on channel V, and my friend said 'TAH you'd be awesome at that YOU HAVE TO APPLY' which kind of helped us both... because she is an up and coming artist and I'm wanting to interview.. up and coming artists!! :)
So we went to the back of my house at Kent street weir... and had a little picnic with our camera and talked utter smack for a few hours and got a few frames.
HOWEVER my audition tape didnt get to include this becauseee it could only be 2 minutes long... mine was going to be freeking 5 minutes.. it was fancy!
Here's a few snippets//my doings as of late.

Theworldoflanks xx

ps... my best friend and I are organising a Mad Hatters Tea Party :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

One big Glitter Ball.

The weekend went to quick and I WANNA GO BACCKKK..
Okay.. had my cry baby moment. I feel as if these weekends are so jammed packed with plans that they finish so quickly and then we have to start the whole terrible Monday morning feeling and the routine starts again.  Weekends are so free and sparatic! 
Sunday me and my best friend geared up for an insane Wonderland experience with Van She and Flume to name a few.  We decided to glitter ball it up.. and when i say glitter.. I mean freaking glitter EVERYWHERE!  Face.. hair.. eye brows.. arms, legs and eventually pillow and bed.
We had a cute little picnic before hand and here's some pictures from the day :)



Theworldoflanks xx

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Chalking attempt: no 1

First attempt at chalking wasn't so great but everything is a learning curve and there is some things i could have done differently;

I used crayola Oil pastels

I really want a more vibrant purple and pink... But first go.
Any suggestions please hit me up!!

I may just be lazy and drip dye with a purple... olp?

theworldoflanks xx

Goodnight Blogworld

Goodnight all you lovely peops.
(NOTE: this skateboard experience did not end well.. OW.)

p.s... does eating chocolate right before bed give you freaky dreams? Experimenting and will report back.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Obsession: Hair Chalking

I've been pinning like I've never pinned before on pinterest.  If you not on it.. get it, however you can only get on it by an invite by a fellow user.
ANYWAY i was browsing the 'hair' section the other day and i stumbled on 'Hair Chalking'!!
About 2 weeks ago i got rid of my balayage and I am majorly missing my blonde tips... So hair chalking is the perfect solution.
All you need is some pastels, water, blow dryer and straightener or curler.

1. Wet the section of hair you want a colourful tizz.
2. Wet the pastel
3. Go for gold on your wet strand of hair making sure both sides are being painted with the crayon.
4. Blow dry for instant drying
5. Apply heat from either a straighter or curler to set the colour to the hair.


Funky ombre colours that wash out the next day.
Im going to attempt this Sunday when im off to the Metric Boys -- Wonderland mini festival in Northbridge -- VAN SHE (finally I am seeing them!)

take a look.......


Belated Easter

Happy Belated Easterness!!
I had a glorious Easter Sunday with the family (a little hungover I will admit) starting with the traditional easter egg hunt (in which i nearly took my little brother out in the sheer taste of winning the most easter eggs.. ooops.) and then we were off to one of my favourite places in Perth -- Fremantle.
The annual Fremantle Streets Arts Festival was on for the entire weekend so i was pumped to see some unusual material from street performers from all over the world!
My Favourite by far was a group of pink creatures that roamed the streets of Fremantle called 'Invasion' from Slovenia, and close runner up 'Space Cowboy' from Byron Bay who holds 11 guiness book of records and more importantly puts his body on the line for his audience... literally.
I wore a Princess Highway floral dress for a bit of a girly touch and Rubi shoes (snagged for $5!!)

Here's a few snaps from the day :)

Life is good.

Behind the Scenes with Daisy Clover

Daisy Clover is an up and coming songstress with catchy 60's folk inspired pop sounds to the people, setting them free with her sweet vocal melodies and empowering them with driving guitar riffs and emotive build-ups. As a true flower child, Daisy takes her songwriting inspiration from experience of travel and love, the beauty of nature and world injustices.
I was privileged enough to shoot behind the scenes of her first film clip 'Devil Woman' -- by the wonderful Jessica Eucalyptus... Cant wait to see the end result!
Here's a few shots;

  Check Clover Daisy out at Triple JJJ unearthed


Karaoke Queens

The other day we celebrated Evans 25th Birthday in full Vegan fun.
We ventured down to Utopia in the city -- munged out on vegan alternatives to meat, chugged some bubble tea and sang our little hearts out in our own private karaoke room.
I wore a Mika and Gala South American inspired dress which i adore and bought when I was having a shopping spree in Gold Coast and my most favourite... Favourite Wittner platform brogue shoes.

                                                              BIRTHDAY BOY