Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Obsession: Hair Chalking

I've been pinning like I've never pinned before on pinterest.  If you not on it.. get it, however you can only get on it by an invite by a fellow user.
ANYWAY i was browsing the 'hair' section the other day and i stumbled on 'Hair Chalking'!!
About 2 weeks ago i got rid of my balayage and I am majorly missing my blonde tips... So hair chalking is the perfect solution.
All you need is some pastels, water, blow dryer and straightener or curler.

1. Wet the section of hair you want a colourful tizz.
2. Wet the pastel
3. Go for gold on your wet strand of hair making sure both sides are being painted with the crayon.
4. Blow dry for instant drying
5. Apply heat from either a straighter or curler to set the colour to the hair.


Funky ombre colours that wash out the next day.
Im going to attempt this Sunday when im off to the Metric Boys -- Wonderland mini festival in Northbridge -- VAN SHE (finally I am seeing them!)

take a look.......


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  1. that's a cool idea, hope it doesn't rain! :) x