Saturday, 25 August 2012

guess who's back.. back again.

I am finally back in Perth for my next fortnight of Perth shinanigans... and boy am I tired.  These 3.30am starts up on site are not good for the soul.... I am not.. annndd will not even become a early riser enthusiast!!
Sooo.. Yesterday I arrived in Perth early (yay!) had an Indian feast - Scoopon which really didn't impress me at all... It ended up being for a market food hall -- WHATS with that? annndd then I had a dud Mydeal eye brow thread and tint... It ended up being at some ladies place -- I got told off for wearing shoes in the house.. WHOOPS and was greeted at the door by a 4 year old. Enough said... I hope you think my eye brows look okay??
Today... I won't lie.. I had a pretty severe hangover and was feeling very sorry for myself.  Alas! I had football sports training.. thank fully it is finals time and only our league boys have made it through so far, and had a win today! WOO.  And I just had a going away gathering for one of my best friends and her boyfriend as they are conquering Europe (as everyone else in the world atm!)- the night was filled with cupcakes, jenga and laughs.

Hope your enjoying your morning/night/afternoon/day wherever you are in the world.

My Friday night with me nadsy - vintage denim vest


Like a flash - tonight for Ginnys going away party

Faux fur vest//Sports girl necklace

Old faithful Vans//Roxy jeans

P.S im thinking about getting a nose ring... YAY or NAY? annnddd vote. :)

theworldoflanks xxx


  1. Thanks sweety for stopping by my blog. I´m following you now. Follow me back?
    Greetings from Argentina.

    1. P.s... Argentina -- My favourite place in South America!!

  2. thanks lovely!!
    Surely follow you back :)


  3. I think a nose ring would look very cute on you. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking time to comment!!! I'm glad you like my hair! I like my bangs, too, but my hair grows so fast, they need constant upkeep. *sigh* #firstworldproblems