Wednesday, 8 June 2011

These B.R.O.K.E.N bones

So... . ... yesterday's events were quite uneventful!  Worked till 2pm, and then went on a little adventure with Nanna Reyns to the hospital to get her dreaded cast off!

...And then we were exposed to a skinny, scaly arm... um.

I also popped in for a foodie rendezvous with the best mate Nadia.  Whenever I go there it feels like home, and although we were going to go out for a quick bite to eat somewhere, Mumma Vind pleased our senses with a good old home cooked roast.  I also adore her dog, Toby.

Today i wore my most favourite cardigan my nanna made when she didn't have a casted hand, she's so clever, a sports girl scarf, thrifted denim shirt and holey old leggings.

Shout out to robertdingo who taught me how to use me camera on his Tuesday night drunken escapade, looking forward to the tutorials.. OLP!

Till next time in... The World of Lanks


  1. nice scarf.xx

  2. The dog is so cute!!!! <3