Saturday, 11 June 2011


Double post lapping up as much internet as i can!
Yesterday me and Dani had a lovely cooking day because we were traveling to Secret Harbour (close to woopwoop... 45 mins away!) to visit our best mate growing up Hannah - the hippy/surfy chic whose 2 feet smaller then me... OLP!
Dani cooked a lovely Potato and ginger asian soup for entree, Hannah and Rob prepared a lovely lamb roast, and i made a choc hazelnut mousse... which shattered on the ground because i forgot to take it off the roof... (shit.) To put it plain... it looked like someone couldnt wait to go toilet.. on the... road. AH!

Sneaky vodka jellies

Its me.. and yes my doppleganger is Vince from Might boosh

Hany bought her BF flowers.. little cutie

Till next time in... The World of Lanks

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